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Us, that not really the way we function, Gallant said. Is one of the best athletes I have ever seen. Even being in the same race, yeah, she beat my record, but that one of my best friends. Anyone is welcome (gay, straight, bi, or other), and it a chance to socialize, exercise, play ball, and see where it takes you. Leung says people of all experience levels show up, and games are conducted on two courts. Some participants have never played, while others played in high school or college, and a few have done time in the pros.

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He tried to get himself fired late in Season Eight so he could take a better paying scouting job with the Mets. He wore Babe Ruth uniform, rubbed strawberry juice on it, wore a nude coloured bodysuit, and streaked across the Yankee Stadium field. He even dragged the World Series trophy around the parking lot behind his car.

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