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Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss,” with a subheadline reading: “They Were Not Simply Names on a List. They Were Us.”The all text list takes the place of the usual articles, photographs and graphics in an effort to convey the vastness and variety of lives lost, according to Simone Landon, assistant editor of the graphics desk.Tom Bodkin, chief creative officer of The Times, said he did not remember any front pages without images, though there have been pages with only graphics, during his 40 years at the newspaper.Sick hairstylist may have exposed 91 peopleA Missouri hairstylist served 84 clients over eight days while experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, potentially exposing them and seven co workers. Now, one of those coworkers is sick, health officials said.The Springfield Greene County Health Department announced in a Facebook post Saturday that 56 other Great Cheap Jerseys china Clips clients were potentially exposed by the second stylist.The announcement came one day after the health department’s director, Clay Goddard, said in a news briefing that the first stylist to get sick worked eight days from May 12 to May 20, with only the 18th off.

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